Episode 18. The Immortal Clockmaker

Episode 18. The Immortal Clockmaker

Come with me in this episode as we delve into the urban legend of the Immortal Clockmaker as well as exploring time and timepieces around Paris: from the many curious and often overlooked sundials with their incredible mottos to forgotten meridians, misunderstood meridians and of course clocks: old, beautiful defunct and even revolutionary.

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Further reading and links: 

It is well worth looking at the amazing work of Jaques Monestier and seeing The defender of Time and other pieces in action.

Waste some time reading the amazing mottos from sundials  

Learn more about the history of time and timekeeping on the BBC World Service.

Find out more about how the Church uses the sun to plot time with 'The Sun In the Church' by J. L. Heilbron or Discover the Sundials of Paris with 'Cadrans Solaires de Paris' I found a great article in the NY Times about a couple who did just that. 

Decimal time keeping here

and Longitude here

Arago and where to find the little disks and more about the Paris meridians.

Episode 17. The Alchemist Nicolas Flamel

Episode 17. The Alchemist Nicolas Flamel